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A Life Worth Remembering is loosely based on Ms. Banning’s aunt’s life, and facts have been woven into a work of historical fiction. May women everywhere catch the fervor that burned within her and challenge the world to change for the better.


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When Mommies Cry

Don’t miss this heart felt story ….

Hope for those who are searching for healing after the loss of a child. A gripping story that lends the reader a look into Beth’s life on her journey to recovery.

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When the Glass Slipper Breaks

When the Glass Slipper Breaks is a poignant journey through the author’s broken relationships. Beth Banning offers insights into overcoming the hurt and pain of good, bad, and ugly relationships.
Join her on her walk through Neverland to find her Prince Charming, and see what happens. You don’t want to miss out on this fairy tale.

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